Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Howdy ya'll! I haven't written anything for a long time. Sheesh! Well I can't believe summer is almost over. I think summer should last a lot longer than it does. I like fall, I just don't like the snow. The only day that it's nice is Christmas, and I can't believe it's gonna be that time again so soon.
Well it looks like we will be moving to Sandy next month, funny 'cause I said I'd never move back there. I have come to LOVE living in utah county, and when we can buy a house it will be here. I have mixed emotions about the move but all in all I have to remember it's temporary and it's going to help us get into our own house soon.
This summer was great! Beau's mom bought her kids a boat that they all share and the dock is straight down the street from us. So nice to go and be so close to home. We are sure gonna miss this house, but at the same time I won't miss the rent.
We went to California, Disneyland, St. George. The beach was the best part of Cali. I'm not a huge fan of Disneyland. I guess we should of waited until Isaac is older so he could go on more rides. It was however the CUTEST thing when he saw Mickey Mouse and got to take a picture with him. He said "Mom he doesn't talk, but he does on t.v., why?" Ummm? I wasn't quite sure how to explain that.
Oh...the best news ever!!! We finally got rid of the diapers!!! I thought that day would never come!!!! Everyone was right when he's was ready it would just happen, and I am so HAPPY it did.
Beau is good, he's looking into every option at the Prison. Sargent testing is coming up and they might do SWAT testing again. Also overtime might be picking up again after a long stretch of not having any at all. I'm grateful he has the job he does, and that he's not alone or on the streets with people losing their minds. his buddies from the academy have all been at least shot at and the thought of Beau doing that is too scary.
Well that's about it...still looking for a job if anyone knows of any suggestions, anything helps right know. Hope all of you are well and Granquists we will see you Sun. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To Good To Be True....

Wow....What a roller coaster it has been lately. I was reading my last entry and laughed because I put not only a jinx on me but a horrid, evil, black curse on us!! My job was GREAT. I loved it and thought it was going good, up until about early Feb. when Beau's sweet grandma passed away. We got home and have been sick with "Influenza" (went to the hospital twice) and now this cold that just won't go away it's now April for crying out loud!!! Not much later than that I was in an accident no big deal slide hit the barrier on Bangeter didn't hit anyone else thank goodness (in our recently purchased truck). Come to find out our insurance said we didn't have full coverage thanks to some air head girl that has messed up our policy multiple times and there's not a dang thing we can do about it! So five hundred dollars later and a partially fixed vehicle.....I got laid off. Not only did I get laid off the DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY, on my birthday my doctor called saying I had to have surgery. Surgery for what you ask..some freak growth in my intestine causing problems that had to come out. Icing on the mother friggin' cake!!!! Excuse me expressions but I am at a loss. I had court today to contest my ticket from the accident for "failure to maintain control" which is 112.00. I was informed that because I told the officer that I slid and he saw the flat tire and minimal damage ( could have been worse) that there was nothing I could do. I could go to court and was my time he said. And if I wanted to pay 70.00 more dollars to keep it off my record and take driving school. How the *#@!* am I going to pay for driving school let alone the ticket after all this stuff has happened? So it's not over yet.....Beau's check is being garnished for a dental bill we thought we paid and the rest our insurance covered. Why we pay them I DON'T KNOW!!!!! I really don't like to cry I'm 26 and have a four year old I need to be the strong mom and be tough...well today was not that day. I haven't cried that hard in a long time but if you call and ask I can pretend that's it going to be ok, so if anyone knows of a shelter that has room for 3 individuals (we are neat, and friendly) please let us know. It sounds funny now but it might be a reality sooner than we think. I hate to be so glum but if I don't say something now I will explode!!! Everyone is struggling and I know it's not just me and I don't want anyone to think oh pity me. I just thought what the hell happened if you read my last blog you'd see things were GREAT. WHAT HAPPENED??!!! Anyway thanks for listening and letting me get that of my chest. I hope nobody has to go through what we have been through these last few months. I really hope everyone is well and we need to have a huge family party to relieve this stress!! Best wishes to all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi everyone it's been a really long time. I just started working a Bakery in Provo. LOVE IT! I got really lucky at the perfect time. It's been hard to be away from Isaac (I've been at home since he was born), but it's great that Beau can stay home and spend that time with him with out me hovering over his shoulder. Things are good it's been a long time since it's been this good and I'm hoping it'll last. I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel with our debt and can't wait until we've gotten on our feet and saved enough for our own house. It'll be scary because of all the things that are going on right now with the world hopefully it'll get better.
I am how ever having an issue with my little boy using colorful language! Not my fault of course you now how guys talk and the way they talk at the prison! I am an angel always have been right mom! I'm afraid they kick him out of school when he goes if I can't get it under control. He's a good boy and sure knows how to make me laugh!!
This is super random but I am so glad the holidays are over. It's nice to be together as a family that time of year but that shouldn't mean we can't stay that way. Isaac is already understanding the presents part of Christmas and I want him to have them but I'm trying to teach him giving is way more important that receiving.
So for now I'm back off to the family and spending ever minute I can with them. I hope everyone is well. Oh and here's the questionnaire......
Cell phone? Timberlake
Significant other? Awesome
Mom? Wonderful
Dad? Complex
Favorite thing? Food
Dream last night? Blackness
Favorite drink? COOKKEE
Dream/ Goal? Supermom
What room are you in? Office
Hobby? Music
Greatest fear? Dying
Where would you like to be in 6 years? Skinny
Where were you last night? Bed
Something you aren't? Skinny
Muffins? YUM!!
Wish list item? House
Last thing you did? Work
T.V.? Nightly
Pets? None
Friends? 3
Life? Good
Mood? Good
Missing someone? Yep
Drugs? Loads
Drinking? CCOOKKEE!!
Smoking? Yes
Car? Jeep
Something not wearing? chaps
Favorite store? Target
Favorite color? Blue
Last time cried? Sept.
Five people who email you regularly? Mom, Suz, Mari, Shell, Steve
Favorite place to eat? Tepanyaki
Favorite place to be? Home
One word questions make me think you don't want to hear what I have to say because I can talk for a really really long time about nothing in particular just stuff that comes to the top of my head which happens a lot and well I guess I that not everyone has a lot of time to sit and listen to me talk and talk and talk about random things that come off the top of my head....... I'll stop! Later.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Watch Out!!

So I added some songs I really like, you might not so watch out! Mom you'll love this! Just a warning turn your speakers down I think this starts automatically. I'm a rocker always have been and always will be. Music is huge in my life. So here it is!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Been A While

Wow! It's been months since I have updated this thing!! I read all of your blogs, I just put mine aside kinda. My life is really super boring! I know as crazy as I might be, there really isn't a whole lot going on. I have been trying to find places to go back to work, I applied at our local Smith's (AWESOME I KNOW!!) and I will be applying for the Post Office soon. In the end I really do want to end up at the Prison (working there gees!). I am at a point in my old age of 25 that I feel like Isaac doesn't need me like he used to and Beau is such a good father that he needs to spend more time with Isaac. Get a feel for what it's REALLY like being home. He'll still work but he'll have to work his regular shifts and not pick up any over time. He has been working so much over time we haven't seen him more than an hour a day. I don't want to be home all day when Isaac is in school and if I go through the Prison Academy I will have a career. I was excited about retirement but I don't think that is likely right now. Isn't this a CRAZY time right now? Even with all that is going on in the world I am really grateful that I have my family. I would be lost without Isaac and Beau. I also am grateful that I have my sisters as "close" as we were growing up I never thought I would be friends with them like we are now. It's so nice to watch our kids grow up together and be friends too. So at this time of craziness at least we have family!! So for Thanksgiving this year I have a lot to be thankful for!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bat Attack!

So I haven't written in a while due to a new obsession with the Twilight series. I just finished #4 last week. I am not a reader but I had all four books read in about a week. I thought staying up til four in the morning was in my past but I just couldn't put the dang thing down!!! Mari likes the Werewolf and I love the Vampire I have a new secret love Edward Cullen too bad he's not real!

Thanks to a recent attack on my lawn of Chistian Bale and Batman pictures, I decided to return the favor so I put Pictures of the guy playing Edward all over someone elses lawn. I was afraid I was going to get caught! All the lights on, the neighbor yelling at me to see what was up, and it was pretty early but I got mine and trust me I have a lot of other things to planned. I hope that someone wasn't mad it was all in good fun! So enjoy. Sorry if they're hard to see!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Challenge...(Lisa)...

My funny boy

The Sink

The Throne Beau's I mean our closet

Cheapest shoes in the WORLD!Love em!!

Winter shoes

My work/laundry room ope 24 hours!

Favorite Room

Coke cooler or fridge

Eat your heart out Miss America!!

All right Mom, Mari, Suz, and Everyone now it's your turn!!!!