Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bat Attack!

So I haven't written in a while due to a new obsession with the Twilight series. I just finished #4 last week. I am not a reader but I had all four books read in about a week. I thought staying up til four in the morning was in my past but I just couldn't put the dang thing down!!! Mari likes the Werewolf and I love the Vampire I have a new secret love Edward Cullen too bad he's not real!

Thanks to a recent attack on my lawn of Chistian Bale and Batman pictures, I decided to return the favor so I put Pictures of the guy playing Edward all over someone elses lawn. I was afraid I was going to get caught! All the lights on, the neighbor yelling at me to see what was up, and it was pretty early but I got mine and trust me I have a lot of other things to planned. I hope that someone wasn't mad it was all in good fun! So enjoy. Sorry if they're hard to see!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Challenge...(Lisa)...

My funny boy

The Sink

The Throne Beau's I mean our closet

Cheapest shoes in the WORLD!Love em!!

Winter shoes

My work/laundry room ope 24 hours!

Favorite Room

Coke cooler or fridge

Eat your heart out Miss America!!

All right Mom, Mari, Suz, and Everyone now it's your turn!!!!