Saturday, November 8, 2008

Watch Out!!

So I added some songs I really like, you might not so watch out! Mom you'll love this! Just a warning turn your speakers down I think this starts automatically. I'm a rocker always have been and always will be. Music is huge in my life. So here it is!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Been A While

Wow! It's been months since I have updated this thing!! I read all of your blogs, I just put mine aside kinda. My life is really super boring! I know as crazy as I might be, there really isn't a whole lot going on. I have been trying to find places to go back to work, I applied at our local Smith's (AWESOME I KNOW!!) and I will be applying for the Post Office soon. In the end I really do want to end up at the Prison (working there gees!). I am at a point in my old age of 25 that I feel like Isaac doesn't need me like he used to and Beau is such a good father that he needs to spend more time with Isaac. Get a feel for what it's REALLY like being home. He'll still work but he'll have to work his regular shifts and not pick up any over time. He has been working so much over time we haven't seen him more than an hour a day. I don't want to be home all day when Isaac is in school and if I go through the Prison Academy I will have a career. I was excited about retirement but I don't think that is likely right now. Isn't this a CRAZY time right now? Even with all that is going on in the world I am really grateful that I have my family. I would be lost without Isaac and Beau. I also am grateful that I have my sisters as "close" as we were growing up I never thought I would be friends with them like we are now. It's so nice to watch our kids grow up together and be friends too. So at this time of craziness at least we have family!! So for Thanksgiving this year I have a lot to be thankful for!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bat Attack!

So I haven't written in a while due to a new obsession with the Twilight series. I just finished #4 last week. I am not a reader but I had all four books read in about a week. I thought staying up til four in the morning was in my past but I just couldn't put the dang thing down!!! Mari likes the Werewolf and I love the Vampire I have a new secret love Edward Cullen too bad he's not real!

Thanks to a recent attack on my lawn of Chistian Bale and Batman pictures, I decided to return the favor so I put Pictures of the guy playing Edward all over someone elses lawn. I was afraid I was going to get caught! All the lights on, the neighbor yelling at me to see what was up, and it was pretty early but I got mine and trust me I have a lot of other things to planned. I hope that someone wasn't mad it was all in good fun! So enjoy. Sorry if they're hard to see!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Challenge...(Lisa)...

My funny boy

The Sink

The Throne Beau's I mean our closet

Cheapest shoes in the WORLD!Love em!!

Winter shoes

My work/laundry room ope 24 hours!

Favorite Room

Coke cooler or fridge

Eat your heart out Miss America!!

All right Mom, Mari, Suz, and Everyone now it's your turn!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mixed Emotions

So we sold Nacho today to a very nice couple who have had other dogs. Dennis was crying, he gets very attached to animals. Isaac was upset for a minute and then forgot, but tonight in bed he asks where's Acho(that his name for Nacho) I miss him! He misses me too. It was hard to let him go but it was for the best and as soon as the couple left with him, I called a carpet cleaning company HOORAY!!!! I must be heartless because I can't tell you how relieved I am. I will miss the playing but that's about it all I can think about is no more whining, chewed up EVERYTHING!!!!, "care packages", barking, all around destruction. I have two boys I leave that up to. Speaking of destruction...... Beau got a motorcycle and I thought hey what the heck I can do this! I know how to ride a four wheeler and drive a stick shift so i have the basics right? I did pretty good kept my feet close to the ground so I wouldn't tip over went slow (which is harder to do especially trying to maneuver and turn) so I got more comfortable and picked up the speed I was doing great!!!! I tried to stop and didn't even think about gently breaking. I pulled the handle harder than I should have and it started to wobble, and I started to tip. By then it was too late I had to let go and down went the bike and me. I am fine only scratched MY EGO! I broke the mirror off and took a chunk out of the gas tank (by the way this is a bullet bike not a Harley and it was an old bike) but nun the less I learned you can't just jump on and go those things are heavy and there's a lot to process all at once. I wanted to try again though! It was fun and scary all at the same time a huge adrenaline rush. If I had the money and time I would race cars, very boyish I know, I've always been a tom boy but that's my kind of fun. Very random post but I thought I'd share!! I think most of my post are.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes it's an AD!!

For anyone interested or knows someone who knows someone!....We need to find a home for Nacho. Dennis is realizing he's not here to take care of him and I just can't find it in me to take care of a dog. Quitter Iknow. I've never been a pet person so if you want info..... He's 10 pounds has all of his shots, he's not neutered but can be used for a stud. Dennis would like to get some money for him like 200 but doesn't know if he'll get it. We'll give you a leash, shot records and carrying kennel. He's great with kids and loves to chase his tail. He needs a family as soon as possible, someone who can give him the attention he needs, also he is purebred we don't have the papers but you can get them if you want. He's red haired with little black highlights. Sorry to use this as an ad like I said but I am DESPERATE!!!!

Long Time!

It's been a LONG time!!! We've been running wild! It's been a great summer we cooked like bacon at the lake and then took our trip to Idaho. That was okay if you like hanging out with older drunk folks! Everyone of them except the grandparents had a beer in their hands ALL NIGHT AND DAY!! They are funny but I like hanging out with my family. I think the best thing yet was camping with my family and the bears!! Yes Mari and Michelle have confirmed that what we heard were really bears!! I had a blast and it was Isaac's first time ever (sad I know but we finally did it!) plus we got to use our tent we bought last year and never used! I love the summer did I already say that? I am getting excited for Halloween, Mari I know you are too!!! Lastly I hate to use this as an ad but I am desperate read the ad!!!! Thanks! I hope everyone is having a good summer too and yes we need to do dinner!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am really looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned this summer such as...We have family coming in from Idaho with jet ski's on Monday (so pray for warm weather PLEASE!!). Then we will be going to Idaho the first week of July. Then when we get home my family planned a camping trip!! Beau has almost a full month off (it's split up but a week or more at a time)! And best of all the mother of all mothers....Dennis is moving out! And......HE'S TAKING NACHO WITH!!!!!! Let me explain I don't mind that he's here but when I first started dating Beau we moved in with his parents things went CRAZY there (a whole other story) so we moved into an apartment in Midvale for a year. I had Isaac. When we moved out he was 6 months old and we moved to Springville with my mom and Mari which was nice, Mari will tell other wise!! Then we moved to Lehi after while Dennis stayed with us then went back to Jane and then Suz moved in, she left, then we moved to American Fork and Dennis came back, we moved out here to Saratoga Springs and he has been with us since. Sarah my old friend Beaus sister bought Nacho for Dennis. So as you can see we have lived with someone since we left our apartment forever ago!!! I am excited! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed living with Mari and my mom. Isaac was able to be with his cousins and grandma, and I was able to spend time with Mari (my best friend) and I got to grow closer to my mom, but the others were a real challenge. (Nacho, Dennis, Jane, Bobby, Sarah, and me and Suz had our differences too). A NEW DAY IS HERE!!!! I know it's a little much but I can't tell you how excited I am!!! So here's to a great summer, warm weather, and family!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Here's a picture of me, Isaac and Beau this is the one that doesn't show my double chin. Isaac looks like an angel to me. Here's a picture of our dog Nacho Libre he might be cute but it's like having another child! I don't ever want another pet! Beau still wants a German Shepard! Last picture is just my boy in his home made sand box (Beau is super handy I know I can't do stuff like that).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Boys

I love this picture of Isaac and Beau. We finally did family pictures, our first time ever!!!! I don't like pictures of me so we'll keep those locked up. It looks weird because I used my phone camera to do it (trying to figure out all the options). I figured out how to post pics now i just need to figure out how to change the dreadful back ground.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any Suggestions?

I have been trying to potty train Isaac here and there ( I know you have to be consistent) But here's my dilemma.... I put Isaac on his "big boy" potty he went and was so proud so we wanted to try "big boy" underwear this is how it goes.....
Me: Isaac need to go potty?
Isaac: Yeah

So we go. I ask again 5 minutes later....

Me: Isaac do you need to go potty?
Isaac: No

30 Seconds later

Isaac: Oh NO!!!! (With wet pants)

He is going #1 every five minutes and I don't know how to get past it! I know you can't say anything negative when trying, so what is something I can do or try to get him to hold it longer than 5 minutes? I've have read tons of articles about it but this hasn't come up in any of them that I have read.
Lastly I am so loving this stage with him he's talking more and more snugly, he'll pat my back, or give big kisses, and the conversations we have are a blast!!! Yeah there are a few fits but for the most part I just LOVE seeing his personality grow and change.
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day I think it should be Mother's Day EVERYDAY except maybe Father's Day. Having Isaac has really made me appreciate my mom she was strong, gentle, VERY wise, patient, and understanding. Thank you mom for hanging in there with me and never giving up. I love you! Thanks for being such an AMAZING MOM!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Just a quick note BEAR GRYLLS IS BACK!!!! Man vs Wild is on Fri. nights on the discovery channel and if anyone saw this last one...... that grub he ate (super big one) reminds me of fear factor. We need to have a family fear factor of our own (Mari's idea).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

I love reading everyones blogs. It hard to get together or keep in touch so I really love that we can share and still have this connection. Mari your blogs kill me that guy with the hair like mine and the awesome glasses......I was laughing SOOOO hard. My blogs won't be that great. I have no idea how to do pictures or any of the other cool stuff yet. So thanks to those of you how endure the horrible spelling and grammer. Man I need to go back to school!
I am amazed at how children live to see the next day! Isaac has been hurt alot but this last one WOW! He ran into our sliding back door handle and had a goose egg the size of a bowling ball on his forehead!!! I'm afraid people think I beat him!! Maybe we should invent some kind of bubble wrap EVERYTHING!
So.....that's about all the excitment in my life for now (intense huh). Things are good. Beau loves work. He came and asked me if he should try and switch to days, how do you tell your husband you love him but love being in control of the remote. He's been on nights for 3 years now, so as much as I hate going to bed alone....... I enjoy peace and quiet after 10 p.m. So until next time...PEACE OUT!<:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three At A Time

Wow! It has been an incredible long time since last time. We finally had the internet installed, we couldn't take it anymore!!! I needed an outlet! We just got over the flu from the deep dark and it was a first that me, Beau, and Isaac, got sick at the same time! Usually Beau is there so I can rest or I am there to cater (literally) to Beau when he's sick. Not this time! At least I was able to wash every single blanket and article of clothing that maybe had be missed two days before!!!!!! One thing about getting sick is that when you get better it is AWESOME!!

Things have been calm in a sense. I don't like stress and I like alot of sleep. I've been trying to go to bed earlier and not nap with Isaac (some of you say what! but if you were me I'm sure you'd do it to <:) I miss it but I get to have peace for a moment.

Another thing that came in threes was Beaus uncle died. He had a hole in his liver (an alcoholic for most of his life still a good man) but we knew it was coming. Grammie sweet grammie that's a whole other blog, but I was greatful to see the family and be there to let her know I was there and she was loved. Then on Wed. Beaus other uncle (same names both Dave) had a stroke at work only 50 years old! The doctors said he was getting better and was even out of bed the day before and then he just went. All of this had made me realize how important family is. How ever second is precious and to really try not to sweat the small stuff. (The big stuff though feel free to set the demons free<:).

Well that's just a bit for now. I did want to thank Liz for the recommendations for the book "The Proper Feeding and Care of Husbands" It was amazingly.........hard at first but once you drop the pride and really look at yourself it makes TOTAL SENSE!! And changed my relationship from night to day!!!!! Thanks again Liz. Take care.