Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Boys

I love this picture of Isaac and Beau. We finally did family pictures, our first time ever!!!! I don't like pictures of me so we'll keep those locked up. It looks weird because I used my phone camera to do it (trying to figure out all the options). I figured out how to post pics now i just need to figure out how to change the dreadful back ground.


Really Wild West Mama said...

Hey.....This is a super shot of your 2 "boys"! You MUST put the one of the THREE of you though!!!! It is DARLING!!! NO, arguments! We WANT to see it!

Now you can teach me HOW to put a picture on here! I think this is AWESOME! Way to go JEANNA!~

Really Wild West Mama said...


I just read your "suggestions" page!

You SWEETHEART! Thank you for youe comments, and for YOUR loving support!

Just remember...I NEED to see that beautiful picture of YOU too!!! I'll be looking for it!

katie said...

Great picture. I too want to see the whole family!

lizzie said...

great of the whole family, please?

Annie said...

I'm a crowd photo please! Your boys are handsome, great photo!

Mari said...

i love the one with the three of you! so now you have to put it up.
can't wait to see ya!