Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Howdy ya'll! I haven't written anything for a long time. Sheesh! Well I can't believe summer is almost over. I think summer should last a lot longer than it does. I like fall, I just don't like the snow. The only day that it's nice is Christmas, and I can't believe it's gonna be that time again so soon.
Well it looks like we will be moving to Sandy next month, funny 'cause I said I'd never move back there. I have come to LOVE living in utah county, and when we can buy a house it will be here. I have mixed emotions about the move but all in all I have to remember it's temporary and it's going to help us get into our own house soon.
This summer was great! Beau's mom bought her kids a boat that they all share and the dock is straight down the street from us. So nice to go and be so close to home. We are sure gonna miss this house, but at the same time I won't miss the rent.
We went to California, Disneyland, St. George. The beach was the best part of Cali. I'm not a huge fan of Disneyland. I guess we should of waited until Isaac is older so he could go on more rides. It was however the CUTEST thing when he saw Mickey Mouse and got to take a picture with him. He said "Mom he doesn't talk, but he does on t.v., why?" Ummm? I wasn't quite sure how to explain that.
Oh...the best news ever!!! We finally got rid of the diapers!!! I thought that day would never come!!!! Everyone was right when he's was ready it would just happen, and I am so HAPPY it did.
Beau is good, he's looking into every option at the Prison. Sargent testing is coming up and they might do SWAT testing again. Also overtime might be picking up again after a long stretch of not having any at all. I'm grateful he has the job he does, and that he's not alone or on the streets with people losing their minds. his buddies from the academy have all been at least shot at and the thought of Beau doing that is too scary.
Well that's about it...still looking for a job if anyone knows of any suggestions, anything helps right know. Hope all of you are well and Granquists we will see you Sun. :)