Sunday, May 13, 2007

Being a mom and other stuff

Today is another day but lately I have been very concerned about how well Isaac is talking it seems that most two and a half year old kids are talking very well and Isaac only says a few words. I have tried reading to him a lot more and getting him out to be around other kids but no improvements yet. I feel like I am failing as a mother. He is a wonderful little boy and I love him more than my own life (as a lot of other people say about their own). I don't know what else to do a random lady I talked to said she had the same problem but out her little girl in a program that has made a huge difference, but I don't know were I would get the money to do something like that so if anyone who reads this has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!!!!!
Summer is here and so is the heat which I can't make up my mind whether it's a good thing or's good that we can finally go outside and play and it's hot enough that I just sweat. I wish that I could loose all of this "baby fat" (I probably can't get away with that seeing as it's been over 2 YEARS since I've had a baby :}) it's always nice to see all these girls with close covering every inch of their bodies (J/K) I hate not being skinny I would literally sell my soul to look like I did a couple of years ago. Funny how I'd sell my soul but won't go to the gym!!! I like the easy way out.
Lastly I've been down maybe it's because I think back and all the fun things I did when I was single when it was summer, I think of how I wanted a family and to be married and now, I'm driving myself cray with money issues that never go away and weight problems, mothering, relationship problems, it seems that there isn't a way out of this hole, people always say that love can conquer all but I don't think who ever said that couldn't pay their bills and had NO credit..... if they did they might say " love is nice to have".
Well for now I'm off to ponder the future.


Mari Contrary said...

Jeanna- you can't beat yourself up so bad. You are a great mom. Definitely more patient than I am.
Proof, today is Mother's Day and I just didn't want to deal with church, the girls whining cause they don't want to go to class...etc. So I am home, Dan has my girls at church. Doesn't that sound like a great mom. Life can be so dang hard sometimes. Be strong---Issac is a sweet boy! There is NOTHING wrong with him! He is sweet, smart, funny, perfect little boy! Things will get better, I feel better about my life by just saying that. Sorry about the long comment. Love you!

lizzie said...

hi jeanna, your long lost cousin liz here...i agree with mari--give yourself some credit (easier said than done, i know). anyway, mikey was not talking at all at two and then two and a half. i got him into a program through the school district--and it's free! i am sure that whatever school district you are in has a program. it is so worth looking into--call me if you want to know more and i can tell you what i know...i was so worried about michael and he is doing better but he is still in the program.