Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any Suggestions?

I have been trying to potty train Isaac here and there ( I know you have to be consistent) But here's my dilemma.... I put Isaac on his "big boy" potty he went and was so proud so we wanted to try "big boy" underwear this is how it goes.....
Me: Isaac need to go potty?
Isaac: Yeah

So we go. I ask again 5 minutes later....

Me: Isaac do you need to go potty?
Isaac: No

30 Seconds later

Isaac: Oh NO!!!! (With wet pants)

He is going #1 every five minutes and I don't know how to get past it! I know you can't say anything negative when trying, so what is something I can do or try to get him to hold it longer than 5 minutes? I've have read tons of articles about it but this hasn't come up in any of them that I have read.
Lastly I am so loving this stage with him he's talking more and more snugly, he'll pat my back, or give big kisses, and the conversations we have are a blast!!! Yeah there are a few fits but for the most part I just LOVE seeing his personality grow and change.
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day I think it should be Mother's Day EVERYDAY except maybe Father's Day. Having Isaac has really made me appreciate my mom she was strong, gentle, VERY wise, patient, and understanding. Thank you mom for hanging in there with me and never giving up. I love you! Thanks for being such an AMAZING MOM!!!!


lizzie said...

you probably shouldn't ask me any potty training questions...seeing as how i think that we FINALLY have mikey completely potty trained now that he is almost done with kindergarten. and i am so proud of him for finally doing it.

Mari said...

i hear boys are very different from girls in the potty training area. so my advice wouldn't work. ask shell, she's trained 4 boys. good luck! issac is so gentle and loving. kisten was crying to see him today.

Annie said...

You're out of luck here too...sorry! Mari is right...ask Shell! Good luck!

Really Wild West Mama said...

You probably don't want to ask me "boys" are grown, and my memory is in the toilet!

Actually I do remember something from a great book....NOT the title unfortunately!....that it works to give them a big drink about every half hour. Then about a half hour later, ask them if they want to go to the potty.

Really, you're training be CONSISTENT! I'd keep getting distracted and forget! Thank heavens they got trained though! 39, and 33 would be a disaster if they weren't!

I'm also at the age, where I'll probably need to be trained....HOW to tape up those Depends! Oh boy!! Heaven help us!

katie said... better figure it out because I'll be looking to you for advice pretty soon. I have no idea how to train a boy!