Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am really looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned this summer such as...We have family coming in from Idaho with jet ski's on Monday (so pray for warm weather PLEASE!!). Then we will be going to Idaho the first week of July. Then when we get home my family planned a camping trip!! Beau has almost a full month off (it's split up but a week or more at a time)! And best of all the mother of all mothers....Dennis is moving out! And......HE'S TAKING NACHO WITH!!!!!! Let me explain I don't mind that he's here but when I first started dating Beau we moved in with his parents things went CRAZY there (a whole other story) so we moved into an apartment in Midvale for a year. I had Isaac. When we moved out he was 6 months old and we moved to Springville with my mom and Mari which was nice, Mari will tell other wise!! Then we moved to Lehi after while Dennis stayed with us then went back to Jane and then Suz moved in, she left, then we moved to American Fork and Dennis came back, we moved out here to Saratoga Springs and he has been with us since. Sarah my old friend Beaus sister bought Nacho for Dennis. So as you can see we have lived with someone since we left our apartment forever ago!!! I am excited! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed living with Mari and my mom. Isaac was able to be with his cousins and grandma, and I was able to spend time with Mari (my best friend) and I got to grow closer to my mom, but the others were a real challenge. (Nacho, Dennis, Jane, Bobby, Sarah, and me and Suz had our differences too). A NEW DAY IS HERE!!!! I know it's a little much but I can't tell you how excited I am!!! So here's to a great summer, warm weather, and family!


Mari said...

I would hate if you ever move far away jeanna, you have always been my best friend. Thanks for the great memories, I too look forward to summer- spending more time with you guys. You were nice to me in the post, I am a devil to live with. I know you know, but thanx for taking it easy on me. I'm excited for you to have your own place too.

katie said...

There's nothing like having your own space with your won people in it. Congrats!

lizzie said...

yeah! it's nice to share but it's also nice to have your own! and it!

Annie said...

Don't worry, 90's by monday. And yes, space, your own is imperative!!!! We need to plan something for this side of the family....I know, we always say that, but its true!!!

Really Wild West Mama said...

Those 9 mos. at Shell & Jim's hold many fun memories for me! I'm still baffled by how well you guys (& Shell and Jim!) "DO" all those stairs! Maybe if I wasn't lugging all that school stuff up and down 'em....maybe that would make a difference?!!!

You guys DO deserve your OWN space! I hope that happens soon, (as we now know things have reversed themselves!) I'll keep you in my prayers fer sure!

I trying to look at LOTS of iceberg pictures, so I'll be ready for this camping trip! Summer is HERE, along with the high 90's-low 100's! Those temps scare the livin daylights outta me!!! Especially if I can't get to a shower or sink!!

It'll be FUN though! Just being together, huh?!!! We can laugh about it all later!!!

Really Wild West Mama said...

OhKAYYYYY Jeanna! Where's an update??!!!!