Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Time!

It's been a LONG time!!! We've been running wild! It's been a great summer we cooked like bacon at the lake and then took our trip to Idaho. That was okay if you like hanging out with older drunk folks! Everyone of them except the grandparents had a beer in their hands ALL NIGHT AND DAY!! They are funny but I like hanging out with my family. I think the best thing yet was camping with my family and the bears!! Yes Mari and Michelle have confirmed that what we heard were really bears!! I had a blast and it was Isaac's first time ever (sad I know but we finally did it!) plus we got to use our tent we bought last year and never used! I love the summer did I already say that? I am getting excited for Halloween, Mari I know you are too!!! Lastly I hate to use this as an ad but I am desperate read the ad!!!! Thanks! I hope everyone is having a good summer too and yes we need to do dinner!


Mari said...

love summer! glad you were able to get some 'fun' in.

Really Wild West Mama said...

We DID have FUN, didn't we?! I'm soooo thankful that I could finally find the zipper to the door of your I could GET OUT to go to the bathroom! I almost didn't make it!

Lucky for me (and everybody else!) that I didn't meet up with that (those???) bear(s)!!!!! Just thinking about that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!