Monday, July 28, 2008

Mixed Emotions

So we sold Nacho today to a very nice couple who have had other dogs. Dennis was crying, he gets very attached to animals. Isaac was upset for a minute and then forgot, but tonight in bed he asks where's Acho(that his name for Nacho) I miss him! He misses me too. It was hard to let him go but it was for the best and as soon as the couple left with him, I called a carpet cleaning company HOORAY!!!! I must be heartless because I can't tell you how relieved I am. I will miss the playing but that's about it all I can think about is no more whining, chewed up EVERYTHING!!!!, "care packages", barking, all around destruction. I have two boys I leave that up to. Speaking of destruction...... Beau got a motorcycle and I thought hey what the heck I can do this! I know how to ride a four wheeler and drive a stick shift so i have the basics right? I did pretty good kept my feet close to the ground so I wouldn't tip over went slow (which is harder to do especially trying to maneuver and turn) so I got more comfortable and picked up the speed I was doing great!!!! I tried to stop and didn't even think about gently breaking. I pulled the handle harder than I should have and it started to wobble, and I started to tip. By then it was too late I had to let go and down went the bike and me. I am fine only scratched MY EGO! I broke the mirror off and took a chunk out of the gas tank (by the way this is a bullet bike not a Harley and it was an old bike) but nun the less I learned you can't just jump on and go those things are heavy and there's a lot to process all at once. I wanted to try again though! It was fun and scary all at the same time a huge adrenaline rush. If I had the money and time I would race cars, very boyish I know, I've always been a tom boy but that's my kind of fun. Very random post but I thought I'd share!! I think most of my post are.


Mari said...

you know motorcycle accidents run in the family. you should steer clear of the bike riding. glad you weren't seriously injured. funny post!! where is your ego?

the girls will be sad when they find out nacho is gone. it's been a highly emotion week, now this jeanna. how could you? kidding.

you ready to get your christian bale on, thursday? wow that just doesn't sound right.

katie said...

Congrats on selling the dog. That's why i'll never have a pet. I don't want the emotional stuff that goes along with it. And personally I think you should stay off of bullet bikes. Are you crazy? They really scare me.

lizzie said...

yeah, stay away from the bikes! and so sad about the dog.

Really Wild West Mama said...

I'm just glad you weren't HURT Jeanna!!! That IS scary! My vote is to steer clear of them too! Isaac and Beau need you too much, and so do the REST of us!!

I share your joy in freedom from the whining, barking, pooping, peeing, and destruction!!! Yep...I'm talking about Nacho!

Enjoy the solace!!

ronnie said...

come on....a little peeing, whining, crying, chewing..whats the harm? thats why you NEED a kitty!!! i told my neighbor about Nacho, (she has a weiner dog..jim calls him Himmler..he was a nazi german creep) the nighbor said she saw your add on ksl..did you put it on there? anyway, i tried to help out! enjoy the calm..and YES, MY vote for the bullet bike..stay away from it, as well as four wheelers and anything else that gives a 'rush'..rhonda