Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes it's an AD!!

For anyone interested or knows someone who knows someone!....We need to find a home for Nacho. Dennis is realizing he's not here to take care of him and I just can't find it in me to take care of a dog. Quitter Iknow. I've never been a pet person so if you want info..... He's 10 pounds has all of his shots, he's not neutered but can be used for a stud. Dennis would like to get some money for him like 200 but doesn't know if he'll get it. We'll give you a leash, shot records and carrying kennel. He's great with kids and loves to chase his tail. He needs a family as soon as possible, someone who can give him the attention he needs, also he is purebred we don't have the papers but you can get them if you want. He's red haired with little black highlights. Sorry to use this as an ad like I said but I am DESPERATE!!!!


lizzie said...

i will be on the look out. we just got tucker--a golden retriever and he is a lot to handle! so i know where you are coming from!

Mari said...

good luck finding a goodhome for nacho. geez, i wouldn't even know where to start for that. the girls would love to keep him but i just don't know if i could handle another thing. sorry!

katie said...

Good luck with that Jeanna. I have no use for a dog but I'll keep my ears open.

Really Wild West Mama said...

Nacho is a BLAST to watch, chasing his tail!!! It's just like watching cartoons!!!

You know me,....I'm lucky to remember to turn off the stove! Let alone feed an animal!

Nacho deserves a kind, loving home! He is REALLLLLLY CUTE! Good luck Jeanna!